Buxinside Full Review 2016

Buxinside Full Review 2016

Buxinside Full Review 2016Site Info
Name: BuxInside
Owner: Unknown
Website: www.buxinside.com
Price: Free to Join
Status : Paying
Overall Rating: 3/5


What Exactly is BuxInside?

A revenue sharing program, that takes Paypal! This was the biggest thing that got my attention here so it only prompted me to see what they were all about.
On the cover it seems like a PTC site in which you get paid to click on advertisements and that is what it actually was.
After trying to get registered I felt a little uneasy about putting in any personal information. With the poor grammar, I couldn’t help but be cautious about everything this site offered.

How BuxInside Works

Like I mentioned earlier, it is a pay to click type of website, but the use of Paypal got me questioning things as they are cutting all ties with these types of sites.
Now you can join as a free member and click on ads to get $.02 per click, but of course you know where that will get you.
So in order to make some real money here, you will need to play the little recruiting game. Yes, you will need to get new members to join in order to make things worth it.
Now whether I recommend it or not is a different story as I see a little hidden agenda going on here.

Before You Join

I used to think that putting in my email address and creating an account with sites like this were harmless, until I almost had my money taken out of my Paypal account.
I’m not saying that this is their plan here, but there was just too much shady stuff going on for me to even be honest with anything.
If you did create an account here, I hope that you used a completely different password from any of your accounts and most especially to your Paypal account.
I mean, if this type of grammar is normal to you then go for it. I do believe this site is coming from someone that lives in Russia, but that doesn’t make it okay to use poor grammar.
This site does get a lot of visitors a month and these visitors are getting picked up by people promoting this site to make money.


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