GrandBux Review LEGIT PTC

GrandBux Review LEGIT PTC

GrandBux Review LEGIT PTCGrandBux was launched on 30 march 2014 is a trusted and Registered Californian Company (Grandteam LLC) in USA (Based in Santa Monica) Paid to click website. Steadily growing site with lots of active members (registered more 300.000) and Instant Payments (Paid more $2.285.500)
This site allows you to earn money at home. There are many ways to make money for free members do not require an investment of money. Also, this site will be a good choice to invest money.
In GrandBux you have a serious opportunity to make constant earnings day after day. Grandbux is one of the Best PTC on the market with very high quality Rented Referrals.

Firstly visit the website to follow the next steps CLICK HERE TO VISIT GRANDBUX

GrandBux Review LEGIT PTC

How here are earning and how it is works?

View Advertisments – Earnings on viewing advertising. WARNING on site have anti- cheat link do not click (It marked in red).

GrandGrid – playing and testing our luck in grid. (opportunity to win a prize up to $1).

Micro Jobs – a micro job is a small task which does not require many hours of work, does not require you to spend any money and can be performed with very little skill.

Points – For specific actions on the site you earn points, which can be exchanged for money (Purchase balance) 10000=$1 (Minimum conversion is 100 points).

How to collect points:legit-tes

  • 1 point for every click.
  • 2 point for every completed offer.
  • 1 point for every grid click.
  • 3 points for every new direct referral.
  • 10 points for every dollar added from payment processors.

Autoprofit – Extra 20% bonus applies when your account balance is automatically transferred to purchase balance on Auto-Profit day. (Default is Enabled).

Direct Referrals – Users who register on your referral link (you can find the banners with the links in your account). You’ll earn a commission on their clicks and purchases at no additional cost to them. You Need Direct Referrals? (Read this).

Rented Referrals – are the members who registered directly with GrandBux and not by someone’s referral link. You can rent  referrals on GrandBux for 1 month (30 days).

GrandBux Review LEGIT PTC

Daily Points Contest – Best participants with the highest points will have the incredible opportunity to receive $1000 bonus as the DPC reward each day until September 1st 2016 (00:00 Server Time).


Recommended :

1) For Free members – Every day a lot of advertising, Flash Clicker program. 

2) For Investors – Bonus on deposit, Profitable the Rented Referrals, Daily Point Contest, Autoprofit.

3) For Promoters (Referers)Up to $22 comission with upgrade referrals 

4) For advertisersEffective advertising, A lot Investors.

GrandBux Strategy

1) If you are planning to make an income here, spend your at least 1 hour a day on the site, because clicking for ads for few minutes and leaving will not bring you perfect results. You will need to learn how to manage your account.

2) Click always all the ads daily. Play Grandgrid if you have enough time. You can also do a Micro jobs for an easy task as an extra income. Try to get some direct referrals.

3) Do not rent referrals while you are holding a standard membership, you will only earn 50% from your referral clicks, where as upgraded members even the silver members receive 100% from their referral clicks. If you cannot afford an upgrade, go with Flash Clicker program for a guaranteed profit.

4) Buy any upgrade that you believe is a useful one when you can afford it. After upgrade, you can now start collecting free rental referrals.

                   Silver members can collect 5 FREE rental referrals every 6 days (Limit: 150)

Golden members can collect 10 FREE rental referrals every 5 days (Limit: 250)

Ultimate members can collect 20 FREE rental referrals every 4 days ( Limit: 300)

Ultimate+ members can collect 20 FREE rental referrals every 4 days ( Limit: 500)

Superior members can collect 25 FREE rental referrals every 3 days ( Limit: 500)

Superior+ members can collect 25 FREE rental referrals every 3 days ( Limit: 1000)

Exclusive members can collect 50 FREE rental referrals every 3 days ( Limit: 2500)

  5) If you are thinking long term income, keep the Autoprofit on and benefit 20% extra bonus , which will help you have more value on your earnings so that you can improve your earnings.
Note: Do not cashout your account balance especially for the last few weeks of your autoprofit day , let it be increased so that your autoprofit money will be that much higher.

PS Remember always, that the every account and referral is unique there is not a standard recipe that will work for everyone.




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