Yougetprofit Full Review 2016

Yougetprofit Full Review 2016

Yougetprofit Full Review 2016Site Info
Domain name
Registered On    March 08, 2013
Launched            September 20, 2013
Expires  On         March 08, 2023
Web based in     Panama
Admin                  Marijoy
Other site 

YouGetProfit comes from the same Admin(s) of Twickerz. Twickerz is a legit PTC site that has been paying for more than 4 years.

Member Benefits

Multiple ways to earn money from home! Free To Join.
2 Referral levels purchase Commission , Earn up to $0.03 per click, Earn up to $0.01 per direct referral click, Earn 10 % of your referral earnings, Min Payout $2.00, Payment Processors STP, Perfect Money, EgoPay , Payza, Paypal.

New affordable and profitable Premium Membership is now added! YGP Lite membership – Introductory price is only $10.00 + $.01 per click + $.002 per referral click + Maximum Direct referrals is Unlimited + Maximum Rented referrals is 150 View our Membership.

Site Review

Not Recommended, Payout only for Depositors
YouGetProfit does not depend only on members Ad Shares purchases, but it has multiple income streams to share the revenues between its members (PTC link ad sales, static leader-board banner ad sales, various PPC banner ad sales, membership upgrade sales, as well as vacation mode sales). If you wanna know more detail about YouGetProfit, you can go directly to Yougetprofit or by clicking banner below.

Yougetprofit Full Review 2016

I never tried this website are they really paying to their cleint or scam they have been online since long time i had seen some good review website look very good but waiting for payment proof if anyone had payment proof please share with me.

YouGetProfits – Best Revenue Share Strategy

ADVICE: I recommend having atleast $125 to grow EXTREMELY FAST!
REMEMBER! Each Advertising pack gives you ALOT of Ad Credits to PROMOTE your own website!

1- Earn atleast $25 and start buying one Advertising Pack.
2- Clicked 10 Ads everyday to earn your share.
3- Get back a total of $30
4- Reinvest $25 and keep the $5 for the next few months.
5- After 5 Months, buy 2 Advertising Packs.
6- You will now earn $10 a month, just keep on buying more shares
7- Reach 10 Shares
8- Upgrade your account for $50, it’s fine because you are earnign about $50 a month.
9- Keep growing and upgrade until max level.
10- By now you should be at Infinity Level and Have 1000 Shares.

CONGRATZ! You now earn $5000 a MONTH! EVERY MONTH!

If you cannot sponsor, feel free to promote the guide with your ID in it
Good luck and thanks for reading!

Anyone who sponsors this co-op will be able to fill their downlines for a longer period of time, and more economically efficient. For example: You could run a one day fixed ad somewhere and get a coupple of referrals. Or, you could spend the same amount and have your affiliate banner displayed to relevant users FOR LIFE! And, you will be guaranteed to traffic to this guide FOR LIFE. Now think about it… that is a one time purchase that will help you permanently. Once the co-op sells out of sponsorships, the program will be added to the webmaster’s “official guides” and become a monthly subscription program PERMANENTLY INCLUDED in the webmaster’s Ad co-op, that pays recurring commission prizes to the lifetime sponsors… FOR LIFE! The more sponsorships you have in this co-op, the more chances you will have at winning those prizes down the road, the more traffic your referral ID will get, and also member profile views, where you can showcase ALL of YOUR referral links.

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